Become a Wholesaler

Become a Wholesaler


Become an affiliate of iCBD Canada

Do you have the desire to help others and spread the word on CBD? Sign up to become an affiliate of iCBD Canada and start making money for every purchase made by someone you referred. Its easy to sign up and only takes seconds!


Are you interested in wholesale CBD Oil Products or Dropshipping?

We have some of the best CBD oil products available and by far the largest and best selection, and we offer them in bulk to certified wholesale customers.  All of the CBD Oil we supply is non-GMO with no pesticides, and made all in Canada. Whether you are thinking about formulating new CBD products or you have an existing company and are looking for a good source for your CBD Oil, we can help.  Custom formulations are available as well as graphic design and custom packaging from labels to boxes at excellent rates. If you want to skip all the complications and just have us handle it for you your company that works too! Just sign up for our drop ship program and we can dropship ANY of the items on our site for your company and even include your companies marketing materials with the orders we dropship!


Services we provide:

• Wholesale and Distributor pricing tiers for retailers
• White Label product manufacturing
• DropShip programs
• Affiliate programs
• CBD development consulting, R&D consulting, and Market analysis consulting
• Custom product development (from start to finish)
• Graphic design and packaging design for all CBD products

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